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When children are raped

In South Africa, nearly 20 000 girl children are raped and report it to the police each year.
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Reflections on gender in the social context of child rape

This paper reflects on aspects of the social context of child rape in South Africa and Namibia, based on research.
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Child Abuse & Neglect

This article describes the link between exposure to childhood adversity, including child abuse, and the development of depression, suicidality, substance abuse and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV.
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This is a child-friendly pamphlet which explains the legal process to children who have been sexually abused.

SOCA is a unit within the National Prosecuting Authority, which implements measures to prevent and react to gender-based violence and to minimise secondary victimisation.

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What if we knew why abuse happens?

Dec 17, 2015

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Find out more about GBV, rape, and how you get out of an abusive relationship.