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What causes GBV?

gender and IPV and poverty 1

Intimate partner violence and population mental health

This article discusses a research paper that examines the association between symptoms of depression and intimate partner violence.

It also discusses that violence is partly rooted in gender unequal relations and poverty.

IPV uganda 1

Risk factors for intimate partner violence in women

This article is based on a longitudinal study done in Uganda to examine the association between intimate partner violence and various risk factors.
Preventing ipv Who 1

Preventing intimate partner and sexual violence against women

This document focuses on prevention of violence against women.

It is built around a life-course perspective that recognises how infant and early childhood experiences influence the likelihood of later becoming a perpetrator or victim of intimate partner and sexual violence.

child abuse art ssm 1

Social Science & Medicine

This paper reflects on aspects of the social context of child rape in South Africa and Namibia, based on research.
GBV final book 15.06 LR 1

We want to be free: a book about gender-based violence

This book about gender-based violence (GBV) will help you to understand violence gainst women and children, to know what to do when it happens and to know how to help prevent it.
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What if we knew why abuse happens?

Dec 17, 2015

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