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Statistics about gender-based violence

WHOVAWreport2013 1

Global and regional estimates of violence against women

This is an important report which summarises and analyses all available data about violence against women worldwide.

Section 2 of this report presents the global and regional prevalence estimates for each form of violence. It also includes a report on the health effects of violence against women.

Violence Against Women South Africa Fact Sheet 1

Violence against women in South Africa

This fact sheet produced by the Tshwaranang Legal Advocacy Centre gives the results of sound studies done in South Africa about violence against women.

The three questions asked are:

  1. How widespread is violence against women in South Africa?
  2. What are the health consequences of violence against women?
  3. What is the response of the criminal justice system to violence against women?
130422statistics 1

Statistics and figures relating to violence against women in South Africa

This paper provides an overview of the statistics about violence against women in South Africa that are available in annual reports, statistical summaries and parliamentary papers.

It was produced by the research unit of the South African Parliament.

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