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Gender-based violence and HIV

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Child Abuse & Neglect

This article describes the link between exposure to childhood adversity, including child abuse, and the development of depression, suicidality, substance abuse and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV.
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Intimate partner violence, relationship power inequity, and incidence of HIV

This paper shows that unequal power relationships and intimate partner violence increase the risk of HIV infection in young South African women.
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Gender Violence & HIV

This is a report on a study carried out by the AIDS Legal Network (ALN), in collaboration with Her Rights Initiative (HRI), South Africa Positive Women Ambassadors (SAPWA), South Africa Partners, and the Mitchell’s Plain Network Opposing Abuse, to assess perceptions and experiences of violence and other rights abuses against women living with HIV.
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The Link between gender‑based violence and HIV

This article describes some recent HIV prevention efforts in South Africa are described. In general, HIV behavioural research and prevention efforts targeted at South African women has focused on increasing gender equality and reducing gender-based violence.
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How to deal with HIV after rape

This booklet, produced by the Tshwaranang Legal Advocacy Centre, gives practical advice to people who have been raped to reduce their risk of getting HIV.

It also explains how to report rape and the rape survivor’s right to know the HIV status of the rapist.

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