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The toolkit is a collection of resources for survivors of sexual assault or gender-based violence and a catalogue of materials useful for programme managers, advocates, clerks of the court, health workers, civil society, South African Police Services and social workers.

The health impacts of gender-based violence

Sexual violence is associated with significantly increased probability of depression, thoughts of suicide, attempted suicide, unwanted pregnancy, pregnancy complications or miscarriages, sexually transmitted diseases and alcohol abuse.

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Socio-economic impacts of GBV

Gender-based violence results in immediate costs for households and communities. This is mirrored on a nation-wide scale, by harming economic development and increasing poverty. Many studies also show that increased poverty can trigger an increase in gender-based violence.

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When children are raped

In South Africa, nearly 20 000 girl children are raped and report it to the police each year.

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Thuthuzela Care Centres

Are one-stop facilities that have been introduced as a critical part of South Africa’s anti-rape strategy, aiming to reduce secondary victimisation, improve conviction rates and reduce the cycle time for finalisation of cases. The Thuthuzela project is led by the Sexual Offences and Community Affairs (SOCA) unit of the National Prosecuting Authority.

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What if we knew why abuse happens?

Dec 17, 2015

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Find out more about GBV, rape, and how you get out of an abusive relationship.