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Are there different kinds of GBV?

Sexual abuse

This is when a person does things that you do not give them permission to do like; showing you their genital organs or asking you to show them yours, forcing you to have sex with them (rape), touching your sexual organs, exploiting you – for example making you have sex with them or others for money or forcing you to watch them or others having sex. Incest, bestiality, sexual assault, sexual grooming, the practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and any other degrading or offensive sexual activity is also sexual abuse.

Physical abuse

Physical abuse is when someone pushes, bites, slaps, beats, burns, chokes, kicks or stabs you.   It is also physical abuse if a person neglects you by not feeding you or giving you medicine or the medical care you need, is rough with you or holds you captive.

Emotional and psychological abuse

Emotional abuse is when someone yells, screams, calls you names, insults you, stalks you, threatens to kill you or other people you care about, humiliates or criticises you, is extremely jealous or suspicious, harasses you or your children, family members, friends or pets, isolates you from neighbours, friends or family, or deprives you of love and affection.

Economic abuse

This can be when a person you live with or in a relationship with takes your money or controls how you spend your money, stops you from working, tells you where you can and can’t work and what kind of jobs you should and shouldn’t do, refuses to provide money for household expenses, does not pay maintenance or takes advantage of you to make money.

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Dec 17, 2015

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