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Child Welfare visits Mkholombe

Child Welfare Port Shepstone visited Mkholombe on Saturday as part of its Child Protection Awareness campaign.

With Thuthuzela Care Centre, Place of Restoration (Give a Child a Family), the Port Shepstone Social Crime Prevention Unit and the National Prosecution Authority, social workers educated children about the various types of abuse they might experience and the correct steps to take should this happen.

The organisation “played out” examples of abusive situations for the children and asked them if they had ever been in similar situations.

The only disappointment of the day was that there were more children than parents at the event.

Nqobile Nhlumayo of Child Welfare said parents­ should engage themselves in such programs.

Warrant officer Thulani Nkonyeni and Constable Ziningi Nkena also demonstrated scenarios of sexual abuse and urged parents to take care of their children.

“If a parent shows the child love and support it helps to create a bond between them and helps the child realise that they can count on them.”

Nkonyeni gave an example of a case she is attending to.

“In Mkholombe I attended a case where three young boys were sexually abusing each other. When asked who taught them this one said his uncle abuses him sexually and he makes him watch videos of men having sexual intercourse.”

He said that such crimes happen when parents do not take care of their children.

A Mkholombe community member, Mam Mabhala said many Mkholombe children are being abused and have major problems.

She asked parents to contact social workers if they know or suspect that a child, any child, is being abused. She asked parents to treat any child as if they were their own.

At the end of the event Child Welfare gave parents and children clothing, food parcels and a meal to take home.

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